098 2019-02-10

Front Line Assembly
Wake Up The Coma

097 2019-01-23


096 2019-01-16

Zeal and Ardor
Stranger Fruit

095 2019-01-13

October Burns Black
fault line

094 2018-01-30

Pepperoni EP

093 2018-01-25

Ulan Bator

092 2017-12-27

Blac Kolor

091 2017-12-27


090 2017-12-27


089 2017-12-22

Adoration Destroyed
Ritual Damage

088 2017-12-21

Zeal & Ardor
Devil is Fine

087 2016-12-27

Ego Likeness
When The Wolves Return

086 2016-12-25

My Robot Friend
Dial 0

Some electro-pop for these quiet days:

My Robot Friend has just released a special edition of the landmark 2006 album Dial 0 just in time for its 10 year anniversary.

085 2016-12-24

Hungarian Synthwave Allstars - vol. 2

"A team of Hungarian synth enthusiasts, bedroom producers, computer musicians and other useless hobos" put together this great compilation of songs. All proceeds are donated to a good cause.

And where there's a vol. 2, there must have been a vol. 1: Hungarian Synthwave Allstars - vol​.​1.

084 2016-12-23

VNV Nation

I'm always delighted to find 'bigger' bands using Bandcamp. Synthpop/EBM/futurepop giants VNV Nation have published their more recent releases there, including the 2013 album Transnational.

083 2016-12-22

Primitive Race
Primitive Race

Primitive Race have seen the future of Industrial Music, and decided it looks much like the thundering, soul-searing past.

082 2016-12-20

Electro for Japan 2011 - Cyberclash Compilation

This compilation brought together a wide range of electronic and electric artists to collect donations after the Fukushima disaster. More than 3 hours of great and diverse music.

081 2016-12-19

New Bermuda

deafheaven's album New Bermuda is a mix of hardcore, post-rock and probably a number of other genres. Atmospheric soundscapes and an angry god shouting at you through the black clouds.

080 2016-12-17

Kosmischer Läufer
Volumes One, Two, Three

The Secret Cosmic Music Of The East German Olympic Program 1972-83. Three volumes of music recovered from history.

079 2016-12-15

Gnothi Seauton

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