078 2016-12-09

Splendor & Misery

Splendor & Misery is an Afrofuturist, dystopian concept album that follows the sole survivor of a slave uprising on an interstellar cargo ship, and the onboard computer that falls in love with him.

077 2016-11-20

Daft Science

Daft Science: Beastie Boys songs remixed using only samples from Daft Punk songs.

Stream only, sadly no downloads.

076 2016-07-01

Not So Cold: A Warm Wave Compilation

A great collection of various electronic genres from artists on the label Sleepless Berlin.

075 2016-07-12

Dance With The Dead
The Shape

This is the soundtrack to your arduous workday as a lightbike parking valet in the Tron universe.

074 2016-07-01

t o t e m

Once again BandCamp's tags say more than I could write here: electronic experimental experimental electronic bass drag ethnic trap ethno rave trap trapwave witch house witchhouse zombie rave Russia.

Be sure to also check out their side project Πлачь Ʒемля's new release Традиция.

073 2016-06-15

Myriad Drone
Demo EP

Myriad Drone was brought to my attention by Instagram's recommendation emails, to my surprise. Their Demo EP and new track The White Lodge (Laura Palmer's Theme) is atmospheric post rock from New Zealand.

072 2016-06-07

Russian Circles

Somehow I have overlooked Russian Circles' new release in 2013, Memorial. Instrumental post-rock that shows off various faces of the genre to great effect.

071 2016-05-30


Nadja's most recent (2014) release Queller (free to listen on BC) brings you atmospheric yet powerful noises. Their [extensive back catalog] is impressive as well.

070 2016-05-24

Blush Response
Tension Strategies

Tension Strategies is the second album by Blush Response. A gritty electronic soundtrack for our gritty electronic lives. #audioCountry 070

069 2016-05-18

Dying Stars

Dying Stars by Technolorgy brings you uplifting EBM from Greece. As always free to listen to on BandCamp.

I've noticed that "pay what you like" offerings seem to be few and far between lately. Have I missed a shift? Or has it always been this way?

068 2016-05-13

Exploration 84

Exploration 84 by Waveshaper has a nice set of tags that really tell you all need to know: 80's 80s electronic chillout electro outrun retrowave soundtrack synth synthpop synthwave Stockholm

067 2016-05-06

The Uncanny Valley

Imagine a Blade Runner game running on a classic Game Boy soldered to a Diesel-powered MIDI controller. That's the closest analogy I can come up with for Perturbator's amazing new release The Uncanny Valley (pay what you want on Bandcamp).

If you enjoy this, there is now way around Perturbator's previous releases: Terror 404, I Am The Night and Dangerous Days.

066 2016-05-03


Trautonist's self-titled debut album brings you black metal from western Germany. Personal favorite genre I haven't heard of before: Blackgaze.

065 2016-05-02


For the soundtrack (free listening) to the 2016 film Belgica, artists Soulwax invented 16 fictional bands and recorded their songs. Personal favorite: Çölde Kutup Ayisi by Kursat 9000.

064 2016-03-14

Sidewalks and Skeletons
White Light

[Go listen][Free steaming on BandCamp].

Tags: ambient bass electronic witch house dark dark ambient darkwave electronica experiemental gothic witch house witchhouse United Kingdom

063 2016-03-01

The Sound of Young China 2015

Wooozy is thrilled to present The Sound of Young China 2015 Mixtape. From sunny Guangzhou and cyberpunk Chongqing to the frigid northeast grasslands beyond Beijing. From shoegaze to “riot-weird”. This is the sound of China’s young and restless.

062 2016-02-08

It Follows

US artist Disasterpeace created the soundtrack to the 2014 horror movie It Follows. The Music - free to listen on BandCamp - is an elementary part for evoking a constant feeling of dread throughout the movie.

Both movie and soundtrack are heartily recommended. You can find the movie on various streaming services. It may look like a teen movie at first glance, but I assure you that a second glance is worth it (unless you hate horror flicks in general).

061 2016-01-22

Fraunhofer Diffraction
Five Months of Wandering

Does russian witch house sound like a thing you might be interested in? It should. Go listen to Five Months of Wandering by russian artist Fraunhofer Diffraction or the rest of this prolific artist's BandCamp catalog.

The ever wonderful BandCamp tags for this album: electronic ambient industrial neoclassical noise synth pop witch house Russia

060 2016-01-04

Defekt 86
sex and suicide

I saw defekt 86 live over a year ago when they opened for Tuxedomoon in Cologne. It took a few songs, but they grew on me. Their new release sex and suicide is free to listen on Bandcamp. As are most of their previous releases.

Bandcamp's (apt) tags: alternative darkwave gothic rock indie post-punk Köln

059 2015-12-16

God Module
False Face

God Module's 2014 album False Face is a straightforward EBM album. All the right noises in the right places.

Their new album Prophecy also sounds great. If you are into this sort of music, be sure to check out Metropolis Records' expansive catalog on BandCamp and while away the day.