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Ego Likeness
When The Wolves Return


My Robot Friend
Dial 0

Some electro-pop for these quiet days:

My Robot Friend has just released a special edition of the landmark 2006 album Dial 0 just in time for its 10 year anniversary.


Hungarian Synthwave Allstars - vol. 2

"A team of Hungarian synth enthusiasts, bedroom producers, computer musicians and other useless hobos" put together this great compilation of songs. All proceeds are donated to a good cause.

And where there's a vol. 2, there must have been a vol. 1: Hungarian Synthwave Allstars - vol​.​1.


VNV Nation

I'm always delighted to find 'bigger' bands using Bandcamp. Synthpop/EBM/futurepop giants VNV Nation have published their more recent releases there, including the 2013 album Transnational.


Primitive Race
Primitive Race

Primitive Race have seen the future of Industrial Music, and decided it looks much like the thundering, soul-searing past.


Electro for Japan 2011 - Cyberclash Compilation

This compilation brought together a wide range of electronic and electric artists to collect donations after the Fukushima disaster. More than 3 hours of great and diverse music.


New Bermuda

deafheaven's album New Bermuda is a mix of hardcore, post-rock and probably a number of other genres. Atmospheric soundscapes and an angry god shouting at you through the black clouds.


Kosmischer Läufer
Volumes One, Two, Three

The Secret Cosmic Music Of The East German Olympic Program 1972-83. Three volumes of music recovered from history.


Gnothi Seauton

Tags: electronic experimental experimental electronic ambient atmospheric bass downtempo witch house witchhouse Russia


Splendor & Misery

Splendor & Misery is an Afrofuturist, dystopian concept album that follows the sole survivor of a slave uprising on an interstellar cargo ship, and the onboard computer that falls in love with him.


Daft Science

Daft Science: Beastie Boys songs remixed using only samples from Daft Punk songs.

Stream only, sadly no downloads.


Not So Cold: A Warm Wave Compilation

A great collection of various electronic genres from artists on the label Sleepless Berlin.


Dance With The Dead
The Shape

This is the soundtrack to your arduous workday as a lightbike parking valet in the Tron universe.


t o t e m

Once again BandCamp's tags say more than I could write here: electronic experimental experimental electronic bass drag ethnic trap ethno rave trap trapwave witch house witchhouse zombie rave Russia.

Be sure to also check out their side project Πлачь Ʒемля's new release Традиция.


Myriad Drone
Demo EP

Myriad Drone was brought to my attention by Instagram's recommendation emails, to my surprise. Their Demo EP and new track The White Lodge (Laura Palmer's Theme) is atmospheric post rock from New Zealand.


Russian Circles

Somehow I have overlooked Russian Circles' new release in 2013, Memorial. Instrumental post-rock that shows off various faces of the genre to great effect.



Nadja's most recent (2014) release Queller (free to listen on BC) brings you atmospheric yet powerful noises. Their [extensive back catalog] is impressive as well.


Blush Response
Tension Strategies

Tension Strategies is the second album by Blush Response. A gritty electronic soundtrack for our gritty electronic lives. #audioCountry 070


Dying Stars

Dying Stars by Technolorgy brings you uplifting EBM from Greece. As always free to listen to on BandCamp.

I've noticed that "pay what you like" offerings seem to be few and far between lately. Have I missed a shift? Or has it always been this way?


Exploration 84

Exploration 84 by Waveshaper has a nice set of tags that really tell you all need to know: 80's 80s electronic chillout electro outrun retrowave soundtrack synth synthpop synthwave Stockholm


The Uncanny Valley

Imagine a Blade Runner game running on a classic Game Boy soldered to a Diesel-powered MIDI controller. That's the closest analogy I can come up with for Perturbator's amazing new release The Uncanny Valley (pay what you want on Bandcamp).

If you enjoy this, there is now way around Perturbator's previous releases: Terror 404, I Am The Night and Dangerous Days.



Trautonist's self-titled debut album brings you black metal from western Germany. Personal favorite genre I haven't heard of before: Blackgaze.



For the soundtrack (free listening) to the 2016 film Belgica, artists Soulwax invented 16 fictional bands and recorded their songs. Personal favorite: Çölde Kutup Ayisi by Kursat 9000.


Sidewalks and Skeletons
White Light

Go listen.

Tags: ambient bass electronic witch house dark dark ambient darkwave electronica experiemental gothic witch house witchhouse United Kingdom


The Sound of Young China 2015

Wooozy is thrilled to present The Sound of Young China 2015 Mixtape. From sunny Guangzhou and cyberpunk Chongqing to the frigid northeast grasslands beyond Beijing. From shoegaze to “riot-weird”. This is the sound of China’s young and restless.


It Follows

US artist Disasterpeace created the soundtrack to the 2014 horror movie It Follows. The Music - free to listen on BandCamp - is an elementary part for evoking a constant feeling of dread throughout the movie.

Both movie and soundtrack are heartily recommended. You can find the movie on various streaming services. It may look like a teen movie at first glance, but I assure you that a second glance is worth it (unless you hate horror flicks in general).


Fraunhofer Diffraction
Five Months of Wandering

Does russian witch house sound like a thing you might be interested in? It should. Go listen to Five Months of Wandering by russian artist Fraunhofer Diffraction or the rest of this prolific artist's BandCamp catalog.

The ever wonderful BandCamp tags for this album: electronic ambient industrial neoclassical noise synth pop witch house Russia


Defekt 86
sex and suicide

I saw defekt 86 live over a year ago when they opened for Tuxedomoon in Cologne. It took a few songs, but they grew on me. Their new release sex and suicide is free to listen on Bandcamp. As are most of their previous releases.

Bandcamp's (apt) tags: alternative darkwave gothic rock indie post-punk Köln


God Module
False Face

God Module's 2014 album False Face is a straightforward EBM album. All the right noises in the right places.

Their new album Prophecy also sounds great. If you are into this sort of music, be sure to check out Metropolis Records' expansive catalog on BandCamp and while away the day.



Before I head off to Munich for the weekend, I bring you Canon by Overwerk. A great mix of synths and orchestral arrangements. be sure to check out the rest of his BandCamp offerings.


Metal Swim

I've posted about [adult swim]'s Ghostly Swim compilations before, but was unaware of their much larger catalog of freely available music. Today's recommendation: The Metal Swim compilation.

But honestly all their stuff is worth checking out. The Singles 2015 collection looks excellent as well. I am slightly flabbergasted I haven't seen this before. (Heads up: Some of the album pages require flash to play or even download the music.)



I ran across #audioCountry 056 by happy accident. Transmissions by Chino Burga's solo project 3AM. alternative-drone-electro-postpunk-psychedelic-rock-shoegaze-space-rock from Lima, Peru (Got to love Bandcamp's tags)


Tim Fite

To kick the new week off, here's Tim Fite's new album Resist (free download) to jolt you awake. Fite's also created drawings for each song. You can watch timelapses of their creation to the full album.



VTOL by Dementio13. Just the BandCamp tags: diy drum n bass electronic alt synth-pop electro-jazz electronic post-rock electronica krautrock post-rock soundtracks spoken word trip hop wales Cardiff


Dust & Disquiet

Today I bring you fresh post-rock that ranges from quiet breezes to raging storms crossing over #audioCountry: Caspian's recently released album Dust & Disquiet. You will like this. And if you do, you will also like their older releases.


Black Nail Cabaret
Harry Me Marry Me Bury Me Bite Me

#audioCountry 052: Black Nail Cabaret's second album Harry Me Marry Me Bury Me Bite Me (free streaming etc). Synth Noir from Budapest (if that doesn't sound like something you'd read in a William Gibson novel, then I don't know).


Live in Soest, 1970

Care for some classical music? How about Kraftwerk? [Here's a live concert from 1970], the band's founding year. Come for the electronic noise, stay for the bewildered faces of the audience. (via Bruce Sterling)


Danimal Cannon and Zef
Parallel Processing

Parallel Processing by Danimal Cannon and Zef is not one of those clever little chiptune albums. Instead imagine chiptune music in a world where the Commodore was built by a team of Industrial Metal enthusiasts. A bit like that.


A Sign Of Life

After a 3 year hiatus german EBM band Neuroticfish released their new album A Sign Of Life. A little something to get the speakers warm and the blood flowing. Good morning.


V​.​A. - Post Rock Germany by prettyinnoise​.​de

#audioCountry [048] is not dead! Here's a compilation of three and a half hours of postrock compiled by the german label Pretty in Noise to guide you into the weekend. Stream away!



Good morning ADN. Some #audioCountry music to get your blood flowing on this cold but sunny morning: Glazer's album Glazer (free stream as usual). Tags: alternative krautrock post punk post-punk psychedelic New Brunswick


The New Division

Good morning. Let's start the week with a bit of synthpop to clean out your ears. The New Division's newest album Gemini is freely streamable on BandCamp. If you like them, there's more music to see on iTunes.



A truly random find: Motordrone's self-titled 2013 album, is, to quote a review: "'Motordrone' is the sonic travelogue of a breakneck terror ride." Listen to #audioCountry 045 safely.


The Night Terrors
Pavor Nocturnis

The Night Terrors were commissioned to write music for the southern hemisphere's largest Grand Pipe Organ. The result is Pavor Nocturnis (free to stream). Watch the live performance of Megafauna.

Vice has a short article and interview with the band.

Hashtags: Death Disco, Satanic Classical, Vintage Horror Synths

Via MetaFilter.


S13 - Burning The Existence

S13 - Burning The Existence is a mixtape free to stream and download. "From elegant rebels to poetic escapists – a three hour sonic exploration of the outer fringes of goth". Via MeFi.This is #audioCountry 043, on a rainy thursday.

The internet journal S13 has an archive of (so far) 160 mixes assembled by a wide range of people. I have a lot of things to check out. Enjoy!


Eye of the Storm

Here's #audioCountry 042 bringing you some relaxed electronic music for the middle of the week. Eye of the Storm (free to listen on BandCamp) by Flexstyle. If you enjoy this, be sure to check out his 3 other albums.


Okilly Dokilly
Okilly Demos

Ready for some Heavy Nedal? Meet The World’s First Ned Flanders Themed Metal Band then listen to the Okilly Demos. This is #audioCountry 041.


Six Drummers

For #audioCountry 040, something a little different: Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers. If you like that, be sure to check out the full length movie Sound of Noise. There's a bunch more clips on their website. Merry Christmas!

Everybody keep calm. This is a gig!


Our Time Will Come

I somehow missed that KMFDM threw a new album out last year, and you can listen to it on BandCamp! Enjoy some electro industrial on this beautiful tuesday.

I'll leave you with this choice quote from Wikipedia:

KMFDM was officially founded in Paris, France, on February 29, 1984, as a performance art project between Sascha Konietzko and German painter and multimedia artist Udo Sturm at the opening of an exhibition of young European artists at the Grand Palais. The first show consisted of Sturm playing an ARP 2600 synthesizer, Konietzko playing vacuum cleaners and bass guitars with their amplifiers spread throughout the building, and four Polish coal miners (whom Konietzko had met at a bordello) pounding on the foundations of the Grand Palais.


VHS Glitch
Evil Technology

#audioCountry 038 is here to bring you the soundtrack to your television-colored-sky cyberpunk monday: Evil Technology (free stream) by VHS glitch. Lots more synthy goodness on his BandCamp and Tumblr pages.


Dog Whistle
Dog Whistle

There can be nice things on a monday. Like listening to Dog Whistle's self-titled debut album (for free on BandCamp). Some melodramatic alt-pop from Warszaw to ease you into the week.


Son Lux

This is #audioCountry 036, bringing you Son Lux' new album Bones (free stram).

In lieu of a description, have BandCamp's tags for this album: "electronic chamber pop experimental hiphop indie New York". If "electronic chamber pop" doesn't make you perk up, then I don't know.


Always & Never

Some Drum 'n Base to wake you up: Always & Never by Limewax (listen for free on BandCamp). Favorite new genre name I've never heard of: Skullstep.

If you like this, there's a lot of similar things on the label Position Chrome's Bandcamp page.


Inverse Phase
Pretty Eight Machine

Ever wonder how Nine Inch Nails would sound if they were into chiptune music? Wonder no more! Pretty Eight Machine by Inverse Phase takes NIN straight onto the 8bit consoles of old.

This labour of love was funded through Kickstartered in 2012 and produced on various game consoles. And really, how can you not like song titles like "Head Like I/O" and (my favorite) "Atarible Lie"? Go [listen] to it!


Identity Sequence

Hello. #audioCountry 033 is Identity Sequence by zircon (stream or buy on BandCamp). Telling stories through electronic music.

And as so often I love the assortment of tags that are added to BandCamp releases: electronic breakbeat complextro cyberpunk dubstep ghost in the shell progressive scifi soundtrack trance video game Baltimore


at Freak Valley 2015

Last saturday was the third day of Freak Valley Festival 2015. My personal favorite was instrumental psych/post-rock band Tuber from Greece. Listen to their latest album Desert Overcrowded on BandCamp.

Oh, and here's a live video from this year.

Again, a list of all the other bands that played on that day at Freak Valley Festival 2015. And again they're all good. I don't know how they do it.

And that's it from me about Freak Valley. It was truly a blast and I'm certainly coming back. As always, you can find all #audioCountry music at for your perusal. Thanks for reading!


Monkey 3
at Freak Valley 2015

On day two of the Freak Valley Festival 2015 my favorite band was Monkey 3 from Switzerland. "Cosmic wall of sound" is a pretty apt description of what you get. Watch a full show on [YouTube here] or more on their channel.

These are the other bands that played last friday at Freak Valley. If you like rock, you probably enjoy all of them.


Gas Giant
at Freak Valley 2015

Last weekend I was at the Freak Valley Festival 2015 in Netphen, Germany. My favorite from the first day of the festival is Gas Giant from Denmark. Listen to their excellent album Mana on BandCamp.

All the other bands playing at Freak Valley were also excellent. These are the other bands that played on the first day:


Mbongwana Star
From Kinshasa

Good morning, ADN. This is #audioCloud 029, bringing you Mbongwana Star's album From Kinshasa (buy there or the usual sources or listen for free on SoundCloud). For once, it's not Post-rock. Read more at the Source.


The Union Trade
A Place Of Long Years

This is #audioCountry 028, giving you some fresh post-rock for the weekend: A Place Of Long Years by The Union Trade. You will also like their other releases, all available on BandCamp.



The music of BOAR from Finland is a mix of several of the grimmer subgenres of rock. As soon as I listened into their first album Veneficae (stream for free on BandCamp) I knew this would be #audioCountry 027. Great fun!


Vary Lumar

This is a quick #audioCountry 026: Breaker by Vary Lumar. I'm not good at describing musical styles, so I won't.

Fun fact: I came across Vary Lumar by way of this Teletubbies/Joy Division mashup. You're welcome.

If you like Breaker, there's a bit more to download from their website. And to buy, of course.


The Algorithm

I stumbled upon The Algorithm through a post by @0xmf. You can get their albums Doppler Effect and Critical.Error on Bandcamp (stream for free, buy at your price) and listen to even more on SoundCloud.



One song in and I knew this would be #audioCountry 024. AH! KOSMOS is the moniker of Istanbul-based producer and instrumentalist Başak Günak. Listen to a few songs on her label's website, where you can also buy her album Bastards and the Flesh EP. There's more on her SoundCloud page.



NASA has begun posting space sound files to their SoundCloud page. Here's a post showing a few gems and linking to even more space noise, like NASA's page. Now go use that to make your own music.

#audioCountry bonus: Commander Chris Hadfield also has a SoundCloud page which contains a track called "Entering the Bathroom and Starting the Toilet". So now you know how that sounds. In spaaaaaace! This is #audioCountry 023.



"Carpenter is an experiment in curating. It is an album of retro synth music inspired by the films and music within John Carpenter's creative career."

A 90 minute compilation of synthy goodness. Listen for free on BandCamp, pay what want for a download.


The Prodigy
The Day Is My Enemy

The Prodigy have a new album: The Day Is My Enemy. I have not much to add except that they're not getting quieter. Not a free album, but there's a few music videos on their site.

[Via MeFi]

This is #audioCountry 021, old enough to vote in most countries.



Today I have rediscovered Sparks, a band that has put out 21 albums since being formed in 1971. Since I can't introduce them better, take a look at this extensive MetaFilter post (with lots of video material) and enjoy.

Then there's also yesterday's announcement that Sparks have teamed up with Franz Ferdinand to form the supergroup FFS. Make of that what you will. The first Single Piss Off is available on iTunes, so at least that part is real.


Nils Frahm

#audioCountry 019: Nils Frahm released his solo piano album -solo- for free to celebrate the newly invented Piano Day. All proceeds from CD/vinyl sales go towards building The Klavins M450. Download the album and read more at (via MetaFilter)



Rocking the Unicode, ††† is an old favorite of mine. Their new(-ish) album can be bought from iTunes, but you can listen to a load of songs on their Soundcloud page and download their EP † for free here.


Under The Sun

Matching today's misty cold weather here Germany, have some melancholy post-{rock|hardcode} soundscapes with Under The Sun's self-titled first LP. Free to stream from BandCamp while you breakfast.


Ghostly Swim 1 & 2

In 2008 Cartoon Network's [Adult Swim] and Ghostly Records released the compilation album Ghostly Swim. At the end of last year they released the follow-up Ghostly Swim 2. Both are free to listen download.

Both compilations consist of various sorts of electronic music, all relaxed and fun. More a little background refer to the Ghostly International release pages for Gostly Swim and Ghostly Swim 2. Enjoy!


Carl Schilde

#audioCountry 015 is something you can barely listen to: WOW - the most minimal record ever made. A vinyl record with just a single ultra-low frequency on it. Read and see more here and here. I wish I had a sound system to do anything with such a record.


The Swans
To Be Kind

This is #audioCountry 014. Hello. I am a fan of many "noise" music styles. From post-rock to Einstürzende Neubauten, I enjoy it all. Which makes it so much more unlikely that I wouldn't have heard of The Swans until this January, in a radio documentary.

In last May experimental rock band The Swans released their 13th studio album, To Be Kind. You can listen to it in full on BandCamp or buy it from the label's store in various formats.

A word of caution: This album is probably not something you can put on while you work on something else. It needs a little time to work on you. This is what we do here at #audioCountry Industries, Inc. Have a lovely day.


Godspeed You! Black Emperor
at the Live Music Archive

"On November 20, 2003, Constellation Records gave permission to Ethan Perry for Godspeed shows to be hosted at the [Internet] Archive". The result: 166 live recordings of shows by post-rock Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

If you enjoy post-rock, GY!BE's spot in the Live Music Archive is a treasure trove. You can freely stream/download songs and entire sets. Let's get you started with Live at Palais Royale on 2001-09-28, the most popular download at the Archive. Enjoy!


Slow Water

Today's #audioCountry is Slow Water, a compilation cosisting of 2 hours worth of music from the hungarian post-rock scene. It's a free download from BandCamp. Produced by hungarian music site Enjoy!


(probably) Aphex Twin

A few days ago the SoundCloud account user48736353001 appeared, offering 110 (by now 150) freely downloadable songs that sound remarkably like music by Richard D James aka Aphex Twin.

While it wasn't entirely clear at first, it's now sure clear that this is material from the man himself. So, if you like AFX, head on over and start downloading. Or go to for an interesting player. Or [read more about it here][mc].


The Conet Project

"For more than 45 years the Shortwave radio spectrum has been used by the worlds intelligence agencies to transmit secret messages. These messages are transmitted by hundreds of 'Numbers Stations'."

If you're here for music, skip this one. The Conet Project is a collection of weird recordings of numbers stations. You can [buy a CD set][irdal] but you can stream/download it all at the Internet Archive. Many many hours of it.

Numbers stations are still broadcasting today. If you're so inclined you can listen to them live. and HFUnderground seem to be good resources for getting into the thick of it.


Bohemian Rhapsody

A quick #audioCountry about the best song in the world, Bohemian Rhapsody. This 2010 MetaFilter post has links to a documentary, live versions by Queen and a veritable boatload of great cover versions. My favourite cover will always be by The Muppets.


The Tegos Tapes

Welcome back to #audioCountry. In the 90s friend asked Vangelis for a soundtrack for his neurosurgery practice tapes. The result is what's now called "The Tegos Tapes". 12 hours of neurosurgery videos with greek voiceover and a Vangelis soundtrack.

There is no actual release for this music and the original video tapes are hard to find. But parts of it are appearing online. Dr. Stergios Tegos has some of the videos on his Vimeo page. More information and audio streams are here, here and here.

Another weird #audioCountry to start the year.

“Every human being, animal, plant or mineral carries the imprint of the cycle of Creation. Sound has always followed the sequences of change in this cycle, like a code carrying the function and dimension of the universe, being at the same time its generator. Let us go deep into our memory (and remember), by doing this, we will be able to decode the code of the Creation of the universe and, therefore, our own. What an extraordinary and divine key is music!” – Vangelis (Intro to The Tegos Tapes)


Primus & the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble

This album is a reimagining of the music from the 1971 film Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.

Primus put on a live performance of their new album in Oakland on new year's eve 2013. You can watch the whole thing on YouTube! You can buy the album from the group's online store as download/CD/Vinyl or your usual sources.

But the best way to enjoy this album (second only to watching Primus live) is watching this mashup on Vimeo, featuring the original movie with songs from the Primus album. I heartily recommend watching the movie in this form.


UNITED - PiN Soli Sampler 2014

#audioCountry, late again! This week: UNITED - PiN Soli Sampler 2014 by the german net label Pinmusik is a sampler with partially unreleased material from various artists with styles ranging from postrock to hardcore.

You can listen to the sampler for free on BandCamp or name your price starting at EUR 5 for the download. All revenues are donated in full to Pro Asyl, an aid organziation aiming to help refugees.


Just a quick notice to say that #oneWeekOneAlbum is now #audioCountry, with corresponding domain name. Whee!


Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan
Electronic Music

This 1957(!) album is an expedition into the (then) future by the two Dutch artists Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan. Listen to bits of it on YouTube, buy from iTunes.


Thom Yorke
Tomorrow's Modern Boxes

This week's #oneWeekOneAlbum is Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke's second solo album Tomorrow's Modern Boxes. You can listen to half of it for free here. It's available on vinyl or as a BitTorrent Bundle download.


Beyond The Black Rainbow

This week's #oneWeekOneAlbum is the soundtrack to Beyond The Black Rainbow, a very eery, trippy film from 2013 made in an 80's style. The soundtrack was written by electronic musician Sinoia Caves.

Preview/buy it from iTunes or Amazon.


Death Rattle
Weak Joints

Free download of one song from Death Rattle's next album In Shades.

Hailing from the UK, I've heard them being classified as Doom Pop. If that tickles your fancy, go listen to everything else (iTunes link) they've done, too.


Denovali Swingfest 2014 Essen Festival Sampler

2 hours and 18 minutes of experimental music, free to listen or download (no registration required) from the Denovali MP3 Store.

If you like what you hear there are hours of more free downloads at the Denovali MP3 store from the label that organizes the festival. Sadly I've never managed to go, yet.

But I got to see a live show by one of the performers, [Bohren & Der Club of Gore][bohren, a unique experience. Their genre is called Doom Jazz. I hope you enjoy this week's #oneWeekOneAlbum. Perhaps I'll try and find something a little.. lighter next week :)


Electric Witch
We See the Shapes

Listen to 31 minutes of dark electronica for free on BandCamp or name your price to download it.

From the BandCamp site: "The Electric Witch explores disturbing fantasy as well as glowing futurism with an edge of robotized vocals and echoing post- industrial soundscapes."

You can name your price on BandCamp for We See the Shapes. If you like electronic things at all, this should be up your alley. You should also check out everything else that prolific Zac Bentz is up to.